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NAB Virtual Event Kick Off Details Emerge

Following up my 12/13 post below, the new virtual event being launched by NAB as a kick off to their major annual tradeshow is called DigitalVision2010. The event is developed in partnership with B2B pubisher New Bay Media and is being developed on the On24 platform.

See the first promotion material for the event


State Department Promotes Virtual Worlds as Green Workplaces

The US State Department recently held a conference titled “Virtual Worlds as Green Workplaces”. The promotional video for the conference found at this link offers several insights into the growing list of successful use cases for virtual environments. The video goes so far as to ask the bold question “do we really need to keep building all these buildings to meet in physically when we can meet virtually?”.

The three minute video is worth watching.

While I remain skeptical of the mass market potential for virtual environments, their growing use in specific kinds of virtual event applications is clear.

NAB to use a virtual event as the “kick off” for their big show

It was just a matter of time before Tradeshow Week 100 events began to use virtual events to support their large annual shows.

At this weeks SISO / IAEE joint executive session during IAEE in Atlanta, NAB’s Chris Brown discussed how they are launching a virtual event in January as a “kick off” to their large annual event in April.

NAB is demonstrating leadership and innovation as they are well beyond debating the merits of virtual events and engaged in developing a new model.

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