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Virtual High School Online Learning Programs

The trend in virtual education programs in the K-12 market continues.

Virtual High School Global Consortium (, the pioneer of K-12 online learning and course design for teachers, announced that, following a lengthy selection and pilot program process, they have deployed Desire2Learn ( online education software. The Virtual High School (VHS) online learning program experienced significant growth during the last two school years and sought a solution that would better serve as the platform for their growing numbers of students and teachers.

As more students use virtual tools to learn in the classroom, the greater the expectation will be for similar tools when they enter the workforce.

The full release is here


Comdex rises from the ashes….virtually

Yesterday’s announcement by UBM that they will leverage the comatose Comdex brand as a virtual event is a brilliant piece of strategy. The move provides further proof that UBM is on the cutting edge of understanding how to utilize virtual events to serve market segments that may no longer be viable for physical events.

Mark you 2012 calendar for the following prediction, yes you heard it here first. Tesoro Events predicts that UBM will utilize Comdex virtual as a vehicle to organize the core market originally served by the Comdex brand and by 2012 UBM will be producing both physical and virtual events under the Comdex brand.  

They will have successfully utilized virtual events as a tool for repositioning and relaunching Comdex. It gets event better, if it doesn’t work out, their downside exposure is a fraction of what it would have cost to relaunch the brand with a physical event from the start.

My only criticisms, they may want to use someone in the welcome video on their website ( that the target audience will relate to more closely and the twitter feed shouldn’t be up until it is feeding real comments.

Starwood Launches Telepresence Suites

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has gone live with its first two remote conferencing studios, with plans to bring two more studios online in the next few months, it announced yesterday.

Marriott opened their first two telepresence facilities in January. Will more hotels look at hosting virtual meetings as vehicle to offset a decline in business travel? In my view it’s a smart strategy as they can generate food and beverage revenue that they would otherwise see and it gives them a leg up when the inevitable need for a physical meeting emerges.

More details here

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