Comdex rises from the ashes….virtually

Yesterday’s announcement by UBM that they will leverage the comatose Comdex brand as a virtual event is a brilliant piece of strategy. The move provides further proof that UBM is on the cutting edge of understanding how to utilize virtual events to serve market segments that may no longer be viable for physical events.

Mark you 2012 calendar for the following prediction, yes you heard it here first. Tesoro Events predicts that UBM will utilize Comdex virtual as a vehicle to organize the core market originally served by the Comdex brand and by 2012 UBM will be producing both physical and virtual events under the Comdex brand.  

They will have successfully utilized virtual events as a tool for repositioning and relaunching Comdex. It gets event better, if it doesn’t work out, their downside exposure is a fraction of what it would have cost to relaunch the brand with a physical event from the start.

My only criticisms, they may want to use someone in the welcome video on their website ( that the target audience will relate to more closely and the twitter feed shouldn’t be up until it is feeding real comments.


1 Response to “Comdex rises from the ashes….virtually”

  1. 1 Larry Holmes May 3, 2010 at 1:47 am

    I would be pleased to see COMDEX return to its former glory. One important benefit of the physical shows that I attended and displayed at, was the opportunity to meet with potential customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, marketing and engineering partners, and other valuable contacts from around the world. The best results of my limited exhibitions was to be able to sit down in a cubicle, have lunch or dinner with, or meet in a hotel room, people who became valuable partners but were not able to meet with us at our facility in Utah, due either to cost or time constraints. I was often pleasantly surprised by the results of such meetings and socializing hours, especially because we found quite a few “foreign” distributors, dealers, manufacturers, etc., who eventually became important parts of our business, who probably would not have thought it profitable to “cold call” on us, or for us to do so with them. As we became more familiar with each other’s business and market niche, we were able to build new outlets for our products which we would not have otherwise gained by simply telephoning potential customers/partners and trying to find out if we ought to work together.

    I don’t think other aspects of COMDEX would have continued to be worthwhile for us to spend time and money on if we were not getting these benefits from in-person meetings and socializing. It is unclear to me now how a virtual COMDEX could lead to such clear and worthwhile benefits, but I would be very happy to have someone show me how that could happen. And, I am sure there are other benefits from the virtual format, in addition to those you have already explained in your article, above. I will look forward to learning more as the process continues. I don’t know how much I can participate, since we are a brand new start-up, still in the product and personnel development stages. We have assigned one of us to keep tabs here and let us know how it looks as far as something we might be interested in. With the prominence of interop now, though, it could be quite a chore for COMDEX to bootstrap itself back into the mainstream of technology companies and so forth.

    Please keep us informed as soon as you know more about COMDEX for 2010.

    best regards,

    Larry Holmes
    LightSpeed Technologies

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