Virtual Funerals Arrive – I’m not kidding

Dear Readers – it’s been 5 months since my last post (middle aged Catholics will recognize a ring to that opening). Anyway, it’s been so long since my last post that I had to reset my password. Media start ups are all consuming, but every once in a while something comes up that well….is dying for a post.

A local funeral home here in Westchester County, NY is advertising their new FUNERAL WEBASTING service, with the tag line “We found a way that no one has to be left out.”

The ad copy must have been written by a legit virtual event maven as it captures the essence of virtual events explaining “Yes, you can be there. With our webcasts you can share in the memories, pay respects and watch the service in real-time as it’s happening.” Note to Jay Leno – you can read this post if you like in your wacky newsclip segment.

Let there be no question that virtual events have become mainstream as webcasting now means “never having to say you’re sorry and can’t make the funeral” (another nugget for my middle aged readers).

Does anyone know if a virtual eulogy has been delivered yet? Come to think of it, if Marriott and Morton’s can have a chain of networked conference rooms for virtual meetings why can’t a group of funeral homes arrange a similar alliance. I wonder which industry channel Cisco manages funeral homes in?

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